Boy Scout Recognized For Utilizing First Aid Skills

Caleb OehrtmanA very special Boy Scout was recognized by Fairfield Medical Center on Tuesday, Jan. 23 for utilizing his first aid training to treat a friend who was injured in a chain saw accident back in December.

Caleb Oehrtman, Webelos 1 Boy Scout of Pack 5, had just completed a first aid training course at Fairfield Medical Center when he witnessed the accident, which occurred on his family's property. Caleb's father, Tracy Oehrtman, said a family friend was cutting down trees when a tree limb broke off and fell onto the chainsaw, causing it to kick back and cut his left leg down to the bone. Caleb immediately ran inside for his first aid kit so he could help bandage the wound. Caleb's mother, Jennifer Oehrtman, an RN, also rushed in to assist with cleaning and bandaging the wound.

"Caleb's mother said he had his gloves on, his kit out and everything in place," said Resa Tobin, Marketing & Community Services, who taught the first aid class that Caleb attended at FMC. "She had nothing together herself and would have wasted a lot of time finding anything to use."

The family friend was transported to the E.D. and received 47 sutures, but did not need to undergo surgery and is doing well. "Caleb was incredibly brave, quick on his feet, and didn’t shy away from a scary situation," Tracy said.