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"FMC Got Me Back in the Game."
FMC Experience Dylan SharpWhen Lancaster High School football player Dylan Sharp suffered a broken fibula, two torn tendons and a dislocated ankle during a scrimmage, he feared he would spend his senior year sitting on the sidelines. But his care team at Fairfield Medical Center had a different game plan.

Just hours after Dylan sustained his injury, he was in surgery to repair the damage. When he was cleared to start walking, he began three weeks of physical therapy at FMC’s Outpatient Therapy Services that was specifically tailored for a football player. His therapists and his athletic trainer pushed him during every session, and their commitment proved to be the inspiration Dylan needed to get moving. While Dylan’s initial prognosis was that he could play in the last two games of the season, he ended up playing in the last five. “The staff at FMC didn’t just care for my son’s injury, they cared for him as a person,” said Dylan’s mom, Kellie Sharp. “They knew it was his last year to play football and they did everything in their power to make that happen.”

Fairfield Medical Center is committed to ensuring that all patients get dedicated and personalized care that is from the heart. “I had one-of-a-kind care at FMC and, because of that, I will never go anywhere else,” Dylan said.

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