Experience the Healing

“I’m Back to Living My Life”

Grocery shopping used to be a chore for Stacy Thompson. For 20 years, her frequent heartburn had complete control over her diet, and the foods she couldn’t eat far outnumbered the ones she could. “I would have heartburn all day, every day ... and I was always worried about what it was doing to me long-term,” said Stacy, an Endoscopy Technician with Fairfield Medical Center.

For years, Stacy took medication for her heartburn, but when she ended up in the emergency room with severe chest pain after eating a bowl of soup, she knew she needed to explore another treatment option. So when she learned that FMC was offering a new surgical treatment for GERD called the LINX®, she decided to take a leap of faith and have the procedure. It ended up being the right decision. Since the surgery, in which a small ring of magnets is placed around the esophagus, acid reflux is no longer a problem for Stacy. She also can eat all of the foods she couldn’t before. “I trusted my gastroenterologist, Dr. Srinivas Kolli, and my surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Yenchar, and the end result has been truly amazing,” she said.

Dr. Kolli and Dr. Yenchar are two of 10 physicians with the Fairfield Medical Heartburn Center, which is committed to diagnosing and treating patients living with GERD. To schedule a free nurse consultation, call 740-689-6486. Experience the FMC level of care; visit fmchealth.org.

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