Experience the Kindness

Experience the KindnessElijah Frye is only 4-years-old, but he already knows what he wants to be one day – a police officer. So when Elijah’s mother, Jessica Diaz, brought him to Fairfield Medical Center ‘s Emergency Department on Valentine’s Day after he had a bad fall outdoors, they were relieved to be greeted by two friendly faces in uniform – FMC Police Officers Zacharias Skeens and Larry Mitchell.

“My son has a sensory processing disorder and was crying very hard because of all the blood,” Diaz said.
“When we walked through the doors of the Emergency Department, the police officers were there and they immediately went and got him stickers and other things to distract him. They got down on his level and were able to answer questions, which helped calm me down, too.”

Diaz said the ED staff also did a great job of keeping her son calm and distracted while he was getting his stitches. At the end of the visit, Elijah was given a Junior Officer badge and a teddy bear. “The staff’s kind words and gentle care meant the world to us,” Diaz said.

Fairfield Medical Center’s Emergency Department goes above and beyond to provide great care to patients of all ages. Experience the FMC level of care.

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