FMC and Central Ohio Plastic Surgery Collect Bras For Local Shelter

BRA Day 2015In celebration of National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day on Oct. 21, Fairfield Medical Center and Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, Inc. donated 75 bras to a local domestic violence shelter for women.

This is the largest number of bras collected in the four years that FMC and Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, Inc. have been doing the drive in collaboration with BRA Day.

The goal of BRA Day is to ensure all breast cancer patients are fully informed of their surgical options and are supported by a team of medical professionals working together for the patient’s best interest. According to the Women’s Health Act of 1998, if an insurance company covers a mastectomy, it also must cover reconstruction. However, research shows 70 percent of women eligible for breast reconstruction are not even informed of these options.

"The idea that 70 percent of women would not be told about their reconstruction options is staggering," said Jason Lichten, M.D., board certified plastic surgeon with Central Ohio Plastic Surgery. "We are so grateful to all who helped us support women by raising awareness of reconstruction and contributing necessities to some of the most vulnerable members of our community."

During the drive, pink donation boxes were placed at three locations – the Fairfield Medical Center Café, Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, Inc. and the Fairfield Medical Cancer Resource Center. For the past four years, the bras collected during the drive have been donated to the shelter. Bras are a welcomed donation, as many of the women who come to stay at the shelter bring nothing more than the clothing on their backs.

To learn more about options for breast reconstruction, contact Dr. Lichten’s office at 740-653-5064.

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