FMC Receives Joint Commission Accreditation

On April 28, The Joint Commission (TJC) completed a four-day, unannounced survey, which takes place every three years. During the survey, the surveyors (who are highly trained experts and healthcare professionals) selected patients at random and used their medical records as a roadmap to evaluate our compliance to the TJC standards. Surveyors traced the patient’s experience through our organization and talked with physicians and staff who provided care or interacted with the patient. Surveyors also observed our staff providing direct patient care.

Thanks to all of you, this latest survey was a great success! Our surveyors shared many words of praise and acknowledgement of the wonderful care provided, and were able to witness firsthand our culture. As with any evaluation of this magnitude, there are always opportunities for us to become an even better organization. We embrace this feedback to raise our standards of care even higher. The willingness to constantly improve is a key trait of our values and culture.

The Joint Commission accreditation does not end with the on-site survey. It is a continuous process. Every time a nurse double-checks a patient’s identification before administering a medication, or a surgical team calls a “time out” before a procedure, they live and breathe the accreditation process. Throughout the accreditation cycle, FMC will continue to do self-assessments to monitor our ongoing compliance to The Joint Commission standards. The purpose of our participation with TJC is to hold ourselves to the standards and practices that keep our patients well cared for and safe. With that in mind, it is imperative we maintain ongoing compliance for a continuous state of readiness. Thank you again for your commitment to FMC and to our patients!

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