Heart to Heart

As a mother of six, Bremen resident Meghan McPherson has spent a lot of time in Fairfield Medical Center’s Maternity Unit over the past 10 years.

But this last time, when she delivered her son, Grady, she noticed something different.

Kangaroo Care Maternity“At a certain time every day, the whole floor would fall silent,” Meghan said. “Before, visitors were always in and out during the day and staff would be coming in to check your vitals. So it was a nice break in the day to focus on him uninterrupted.”

The quiet time Megan observed is called Family Bonding Time, and it is part of a national initiative called Kangaroo Care that was rolled out earlier this year at FMC. Kangaroo Care is a special way for parents to hold their baby after birth. The baby, wearing only a diaper, is placed directly onto the parent’s bare chest for “skin-to-skin” bonding. From 2-4 p.m. every day, the Maternity Unit observes Family Bonding Time so new parents can rest, recuperate and, most importantly, “kangaroo” with the newest addition to their family.

Meghan said she definitely feels that Kangaroo Care and Family Bonding Time was beneficial. “This time, my husband, Zach, was more involved in the bonding process while we were at the hospital and I was able to use that quiet time to really focus on breastfeeding,” she said.

Kangaroo Care is encouraged immediately after delivery to help the infant control their temperature, stabilize their blood sugar, minimize pain perception and crying, and increase breastfeeding initiation. It also helps mothers by minimizing pain perception, decreasing post-partum bleeding and increasing bonding and maternal confidence.

“The biggest difference we have seen is how much the mothers appreciate their special, uninterrupted time they get to spend with their newborn after delivery and during ‘Family Bonding Time’,” said Carla Meenach, FMC lactation consultant. “The maternity staff has noticed how much easier it can make their job after delivery and how much the parents like this special time that is designated just for them.”

FMC’s Maternity Unit delivers personalized care and a family-centered approach for all families, whether this is your first child or sixth. To schedule a tour of the unit, call 740-687-8290.

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