Life Never Looked So Good

For much of his life, Ron Fisher has had only one good eye with which to see the world.

Life never looked so goodWhen he was just 16, Ron was working on a locust fence post when a fence staple flew up and struck him in the retina. The scar disintegrated over time, distorting the vision in his left eye to a state that he describes as “looking through waxed paper.”

Since that day, Ron has relied heavily on his right eye for everything, including his favorite hobby of drag racing. But that all changed on the morning of Jan. 15.

While inspecting a natural gas line for leaks, Ron ducked to avoid a low-hanging multiflora rose branch. But when he turned around, the prickly, poisonous stems flew back at him, striking him in his good eye.

“I kept rubbing my eye – it was all red and watery,” Ron said. “I could feel my pulse pounding in my eye.”

A film developed over Ron’s cornea and by nightfall, his already limited vision appeared to be gone completely. In a panic, Ron came to Fairfield Medical Center’s Emergency Department and then was referred on to Deepa Reddy, M.D., with Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Ophthalmology.

“When Dr. Reddy came into the room, I immediately felt like I was in the presence of someone who was quiet, nice and determined to help me,” Ron said.

When Dr. Reddy examined Ron’s eye, she found that a piece of wood from the plant had lodged itself right in the center of his pupil. Using forceps, she removed the wood, and then started him on antibiotic drops and ointment.

Ron’s wife, Susannah Fisher, said Dr. Reddy not only put her and her husband at ease, but she remained optimistic that the vision in Ron’s right eye would eventually return.
“She told us to take this one day at a time and to trust her and we did,” Susannah said.

The day after his first visit to Dr. Reddy, Ron could look at the eye chart and see the big E and the row of letters underneath. One week later, the vision in his right eye was back to 20/20.

“I was very concerned with the wood being in the center of his eye, but I was hopeful,” Dr. Reddy said. “He made a pretty remarkable recovery very quickly.”

Ron and Susannah said the biggest lesson that has come out of this experience is the importance of wearing personal protective equipment whenever you are cutting wood or metal. They added they are grateful to Dr. Reddy for saving Ron from a life of blindness.

“She is a doctor who took an oath and really stands by it,” Susannah said. “I wish there were words to describe how incredible she is.”

Dr. Reddy is a board-certified ophthalmologist with Fairfield Healthcare Professionals, which is the employed physician group of FMC. Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Ophthalmology is located at 618 Pleasantville Road, Suite 204, in Lancaster. To make an appointment with Dr. Reddy, call 740-687-6902.

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