Striking Out Pain

As a high school sports referee, Timothy McGee has to be just as active as the athletes he officiates during baseball and football season.

So when the Carroll resident started experiencing a nagging discomfort in his hip last spring, he set out to find relief. After seeking out a doctor, a physical therapist and then a chiropractor near his job in Columbus, he was still experiencing hip pain. “I was taking ibuprofen probably every other day,” he recalled.

It was Mark D’Onofrio, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Fairfield Medical Center, who finally helped Timothy get back in the game. He recommended Timothy, 55, undergo a total hip replacement to alleviate his pain.

Having watched his father go through a painful hip surgery years ago, Timothy was originally weary of the idea. However, he said Dr. D’Onofrio, who performs approximately 500 joint replacement surgeries a year at FMC, quickly put him at ease.

“This guy loves what he does and knows how to do it,” Timothy said. “I think it’s wonderful that FMC has a doctor who walks around with his level of confidence, who looks at you and says ‘I’m going to change your life’.”

And he did. Timothy said his recovery from the surgery was better than he could have anticipated. Within hours, he was up and walking around. Within two months, was back on the field and ready for baseball season.

Timothy shared that a key benefit of having his surgery at FMC is a one-day educational session for orthopedic patients. The session is taught by orthopedic-certified nurses and incorporates staff members who will be involved in the patient’s care.

“It gives a personal side to everything because you meet the people who are going to be in the operating room with you, and then you’re talking with the physical therapy people you’ll be working with afterwards,” he said.

He also liked that he didn’t have to drive far from home to have surgery. He said his care at FMC was superior.

Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video of Timothy discussing his story.

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