FMC Foundation Donates $112,964 to FMC Maternity Services

Each year, nearly 1,000 babies are born at Fairfield Medical Center and our
Maternity department is at the heart of patient care in our community.

In recognition of the vital role our Maternity department plays in saving
and changing lives, the FMC Foundation donated the proceeds from
their 2018 special events to support Maternity equipment purchases at
Fairfield Medical Center.

With the help of our generous community, the Foundation was able to
contribute $112,964 to support state-of-the-art equipment purchases to
help FMC continue providing the best experience possible for mothers
and babies at our facility.

These items included 21 bassinets, a new isolette, a new wireless
monitoring system, seven obstetrics labor tables and other necessary
items to support our growing Maternity department.

To learn more about the FMC Foundation's healing mission click here.

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