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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know if I need this level of care?
A: Patients are pre-screened by the intake coordinator and a phone evaluation will be conducted. Additionally, some patients are referred by counseling professionals that have already assessed the individual and determined that this level of care is appropriate.

Q: I am interested in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) upon discharge. Will FMC write me prescriptions?
A: Our physicians are able to write bridge prescriptions, if necessary. Please understand that not all patients are eligible to take certain medications.

Q: What is the policy on smoking and tobacco use?

A: As a healthcare organization, FMC acknowledges and recognizes health hazards associated with tobacco use; therefore, all forms of tobacco use by patients, visitors, employees, medical staff, and volunteers in FMC facilities is prohibited. While being treated on our unit, however, alternatives will be provided.

Q: I do not have transportation to or from FMC. Is there transportation assistance?

A: Depending on insurance provider and eligibility, some individuals can be transported to the hospital as long as transportation is scheduled ahead of time by the patient. In some instances, the discharge planner can contact your insurance provider to take you back home. Additionally, some residential programs and social service providers will provide transportation to patients; please check with your local community providers for those details. We do ask that patients not drive to or from their appointment.

Q: Is there free Wi-Fi access?
A: Yes. Feel free to bring a laptop, Kindle, tablet or other electronic devices.

Q: Are there things to do if I get bored?

A: Patients have access to a distraction cart that has activities to do during their stay at the hospital. Each room is equipped with a television and phone. Additionally, all patients have access to Chaplin Services, Music Therapy and Pet Therapy.

Q: How do I access my medical records?
A: Patients can register online to a secure connection to view healthcare records or can request a copy of their medical records at 740-687-8053.