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During Your Stay

Enter Fairfield Medical Center using the Main Entrance (located at 401 N. Ewing St.). You will need to check in at the Information Desk, located just thru the main doors, and be escorted to the SASU visitor’s lounge.

Patients cannot be dropped off because if admission criteria is not met, the individual will need to ensure transportation from FMC. To ensure safety to themselves and the community, patients are encouraged to not drive home when they are discharged.

What to Bring

- Photo ID and insurance card
- List of current home medications
- Two to four changes of comfortable clothing. We can provide you with a hospital gown and pants.
- Hygiene items, if the you prefer to have specific brands or items.


Medications that may be used during the stabilization process include:
IV Fluids

Phone Calls and Visits

Patients are allowed to have two visitors at a time and visitation may be monitored. Overnight guests are not allowed, therefore visitors are not permitted between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Food and Beverages

Patients are provided with three meals and two snacks during their stay. Menu choices are personalized to help aid in the recovery process.
We ask that visitors receive approval prior to bringing in any outside food or beverages. This is required so that the recovery process is not hindered.