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Keely Pearce

Donor Relations Representative

As the Donor Relations Representative, I foster donor relationships, ensuring that they receive only the highest quality of personal interactions so their engagement and investment may continue to be a personally fulfilling experience. Your continuous support of the Fairfield Medical Center Foundation makes a difference, as your investment provides you, your loved ones, and your community with access to the best possible healthcare.

I recognize the vital connection between donors and the hospital and am proud to sustain that vitality for the people you know and the care you trust!


Our Board of Directors

Rick Szabrak, Chair
Maris Mahler, Vice Chair
Laura Tussing
Jack Janoso, FMC President and CEO
Sky Gettys
Becky Baker
Sarah Jubach Claypool
Robert Dominguez, M.D.
John Furniss
Shashi Gogate, M.D.
Craig Vandervoort
Jamie Culver
Temple Montanez
Phil Settecase
Brenda Shamblin