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Cancer Support Services

Cancer Rehabilitation

Patients are seen at Outpatient Therapy Services/SportsClinic/WorkLife located at 1143 East Main Street (in the Kroger shopping center) in Lancaster, which is on the hospital campus. Click here for details and a list of rehabilitation services offered.

Nutrition Therapy

Consultation with a registered dietitian is available during your visit to Fairfield Medical Center. Based on your nutritional status and illness, a dietitian may work with you to optimize your treatment and aid your recovery by:
• Evaluating your individual nutrient needs.
• Assisting with meal and snack planning.
• Adjusting diet based on disease symptoms and treatment side effects.
• Answering questions about books, articles and online nutrition information.
For more information on our nutrition therapy services, click here.


Convenient, fast and friendly, the Kroger pharmacy service is located just inside the entrance to the Fairfield Medical Center North Lobby. The pharmacy is available to fill prescriptions, provide important information and answer your questions about medications. The pharmacy can be reached at 740-654-1019.

Spiritual Care

For those seeking pastoral or spiritual counseling, chaplains of various faiths are available to help foster healing and supportive listening. A chapel is located on the first floor in the Main Lobby.

Fairfield Medical Center recognizes the importance of spiritual care for patients and their families. We believe faith and spirituality play a vital role in alleviating stress and promoting holistic well-being. You can reach our chaplains by calling 740-687-8344 or via the switchboard at 740-687-8000.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Chronic diseases and disorders of the lungs and airways, as well as some of the treatments for them, can take a toll on one's health and quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation programs use an array of tactics – from education and exercise to encouraging lifestyle changes – to help patients manage their conditions. Click here for more information about our physical therapy services.