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Maternity Care at Fairfield Medical Center

Even after nine months of careful planning and preparation, that first contraction is startling... but it will start you down the road to one of the most fulfilling and emotional events of your life. It’s truly a miracle. The excitement you have felt for months is finally here in an experience so moving you’ll never forget it.

Now that you are finally ready to welcome your little miracle into the world, we don’t want you to worry about the care that you and your baby will receive. At Fairfield Medical Center, we pride ourselves on being able to provide Childbirth Education Classes to prepare you and your family for your upcoming birth experience.

So that every family has the opportunity to experience the birth of their baby in comfortable surroundings, we have 14 private suites designed for you to stay in throughout your labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum period. Birthing in our suites gives you the feeling being at home. Our suites also provide the perfect environment for our family centered approach to maternity care.

During labor and birth we provide personalized care, often with one nurse designated just for you and your baby. We also have specialized Lactation Consultants available to assist you with all your breastfeeding needs. They can assist you prior to delivery in our breastfeeding classes, and are available throughout your entire hospital stay, even following discharge through our outpatient breastfeeding clinic.

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Maternity Education Classes information and registration.