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Hand and Foot Orthoses

Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain can be caused by improper foot alignment and support. Symptoms occur when muscles, tendons and joints become inflamed or degenerate from abnormal, chronic stresses and strains placed upon them. Calluses, heel spurs, bunions, neuromas and plantar fasciitis are common foot conditions. Custom orthotics maintain the foot in a more neutral or correct alignment thereby reducing these stresses.

Physical therapists are certified to develop customized orthotics. The process starts with a thorough gait and movement analysis. Then, the therapist places the foot in a “neutral” position where a mold will be made out of plaster to capture the unique shape of the foot. Finally, the results of the assessment and mold are then sent out for fabrication, which typically takes 10-14 days.

For more information or to schedule a custom orthotics fitting, call Outpatient Therapy Services/Sports Clinic at 740-687-8602.

Semi-Custom Foot Orthotics

We offer Vasyli semi-custom heat-moldable orthotics, a product that works for patients at different weights and activity levels. It is truly customizable, but without the price tag or wait associated with similar types of custom products. Vasyli orthotics feature Triplanar Motion Controltm, which features the ability to control foot function in all three cardinal planes; frontal, transverse and sagittal.

Custom Splinting (Static)

An Occupational Therapist is able to custom design and fit a static splint to meet a patient’s particular needs. Static splints are typically designed to position and protect a joint to promote healing. Patients are educated regarding application and removal of the splint as well as any precautions for which they are to be aware.

The following are some commonly made splints, but a wide variety of splints can be fabricated to meet each patient’s particular need as prescribed by a physician:

  • Wrist cock-up
  • Resting hand
  • Thumb spica
  • Ulnar gutter
  • Elbow trough

Dynamic splinting needs may also be addressed with the occupational therapist collaborating with an outside vendor to address the specific needs of each patient.

To learn more about our splinting services or to schedule an appointment, call Outpatient Therapy Services at 740-687-8602.