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Community CPR Day

Offered by the Snider Community Heart Watch, along with the Dr. Gordon B. Snider Cardiovascular Institute, Community CPR Day provides participants free cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. For individuals who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, the chance of survival is less than 10 percent. Brain damage can occur in four minutes and for every minute you wait for treatment of cardiac arrest, the chance of survival goes down by 10 percent.

Starting CPR before emergency personnel arrive may increase the chance of survival. The community needs to be able to rely on each other to provide CPR in the event of an emergency. Participants in Community CPR Day will be certified in adult, child and infant CPR with the American Safety and Health Institute. In addition to certification, a second type of CPR training known as HOPE (Hands On Practical Experience) will be offered that day. HOPE is a simplified form of CPR using only compressions and no breaths. The HOPE program was created in early 2012 for FMC's Community CPR Day. 

To learn more about Community CPR Day, please call 740-689-6893 with questions.