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Dialysis Access

The Dialysis Access Team is dedicated to providing fast, high quality care of patients who are on lifesaving dialysis or who need to start dialysis in the near future. Our vascular surgeons and care team have performed thousands of procedures and have an outstanding reputation across Central and Southeastern Ohio. 

Dialysis Access Creation
Dialysis access creation is a minor outpatient surgical procedure that provides access to veins to make it easier to insert needles for dialysis. The procedure involves creating a fistula (connecting an artery to a vein in order to make the vein wider and thicker) or a graft (connecting a vein to an artery via a plastic tube). Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization.

Dialysis Access Revisions and Maintenance
When fistulas or grafts become blocked or clogged, dialysis cannot be performed successfully and treatment is needed. These treatments are performed in our Interventional Radiology Lab using catheters and image-guided techniques.

• Fistulagram – assesses the function of a fistula or graft for patients having difficulty with access during dialysis sessions. During the procedure, dye is injected through a catheter into the fistula and x-rays are taken.

• Angioplasty – improves blood flow through a fistula or graft by inserting and inflating a small balloon through a catheter to remove blockages. 

Stenting – keeps blocked vessels open by inserting a small metal coil or mesh tube through a catheter.

Thrombectomy/Embolization – removes a blood clot in a fistula or graft.

Vessel Mapping – identifies the best vessels for the surgeon to use in creating a vascular access for dialysis patients.