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Heart Safe Businesses

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States, with 10,000 sudden cardiac arrests occurring in the workplace each year. The Snider Community Heart Watch, along with FMC Health & Wellness Services, launched the Heart Safe Business accreditation in 2013.

The intent for the program is to provide a safer working environment for both employees and customers by ensuring automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are readily available and staff is able to respond appropriately during a medical emergency. The survival rate for cardiac arrest is only 5 to 7 percent when action is delayed until the arrival of emergency medical personnel. Heart Safe Accredited Businesses are able to respond promptly to improve that survival rate.

Business must meet the following criteria to achieve Heart Safe Business Accreditation:

  • All employees must receive a risk of sudden cardiac arrest self-assessment to attempt to identify those who may carry a higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest and to encourage those at risk to discuss their concerns with a physician.
  • One hundred percent of staff leadership must be trained in CPR and at least 25 percent of the workforce also must also complete training.
  • AEDs must be located throughout the building so that they are no farther than 90 seconds away from any location.
  • Leadership and employees must develop and conduct medical emergency drills at least once per quarter. Drills include recognition of unresponsiveness, notification of EMS, implementation of CPR and utilization of an AED.

There are many benefits to becoming an accredited Heart Safe Business. A structured training program ensures all staff receives lifesaving education and awareness of sudden cardiac arrest. Staff works together to develop a plan to provide assistance to an unresponsive victim and lifesaving devices (AEDs) in the workplace.

Kumler Collision and Automotive became the first Heart Safe Accredited Business in June 2013 providing a safer environment for its staff, customers, and community members.

If you would like to join Kumler in becoming a Heart Safe Business, or would like more information regarding the program, contact Adam VanDyke, orthopedic business development director at 740-687-8276